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I am available to consult with organizations developing volunteer programs and/or assessing current volunteer programs.

A systemic approach to civic involvement is essential for success and I conduct assessments of current or proposed programs.

I can also develop the tools required for effective volunteer engagement. 

In-Service Trainings are available. Previous titles include:

The Secret of Volunteer Retention

Dealing with Difficult Volunteers

Keeping Volunteers Happy

Supervising Volunteers

Volunteers and Paid Staff Working Together

I am a certified BoardWALK trainer and am available to train and consult with non profit boards of trustees in organizational effectiveness. I conduct board and staff retreats for team building, strategic planning and goal setting.

One participant said:

I enjoyed your volunteer classes and it was very helpful. I was new to Cincinnati and it was a great introduction. You gave me wonderful connections and gave me a professional organization that continues to help me connect with others. 


This is a series of classes that I developed and taught for 28 years; first as an employee of the Untied Way of Greater Cincinnati and more recently as a consultant with Cincinnati Association of Volunteer Administrators. I have retired from teaching this series however CAVA continues to present the classes with an excellent trainer. For more information go to

I am also available to present a class on any aspect of volunteer administration and civic engagement and can focus it towards a specific audience or issue.