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Dealing With Difficult People

This is a 20 -90 minute talk or

a 2 - 3 hour workshop 

This content is my passion. I have lived this myself in both sides of the conversation and I bring humor and compassion to my instruction.

Every group has a person that seems to chafe and irritate others. We feel powerless and wish the other would change.

Finally, help is at hand.

Before you fire him or her, experience this workshop where we explore the process for identifying what we can do to create peace in the workplace or the family or group.

We look at motivation and the reasons we do what we do, we identify the irritating behavior and learn how to describe it.

We define what we want to say and why we avoid it.

We put into action the process of identifying and discussing the issues with the other person.

We practice listening and we practice the conversation.

We do it more than once, with more than one person, so that each participant leaves with experience and a plan.

This workshop is hands on, involving, and practice, practice, practice. 

For information about hiring me for a workshop or a talk, Contact me at

[email protected]   

Feedback from a recent workshop:

"Under your professional direction, all attendees participated in your reality workshop.

We walked away with actionable ways to resolve personal conflict, how to implement negotiation skills with positive results, and relate in a

non-confrontational way in working out disagreements with friends, family,neighbors and business associates."

Your knowledge and expertise is sorely needed and much appreciated.

All should benefit from your 'Dealing with Impossible People' workshop.

If you are having struggles with difficult people in your life, I highly recommend this approach.

(this workshop) was full of insight and information that I hadn’t even looked at before.

I have taken many workshops on communication and relationships. It was easy to digest the information with the guided approach that Sam presents.

 I can tell that Sam puts her heart and soul into helping others help themselves.

What happened for me in 3 hours was incredible. I took away some valuable listening techniques and most of all, literature to use as a guide.

 This workshop helped me learn how to focus on behaviors in another person that are a concern to me, and how to communicate that in a dialogue that is clear, concise and non-threatening.

The tools that I learned have helped me to better understand ways to identify issues and how to interact in a positive way about the behavior I'm having difficulty with.